reMarkable 2 Paper Tablet

You can get the functionality of a digital device without the negative effects. It’s possible with the reMarkable 2 Paper Tablet. This unique device does double duty by replacing your digital notebooks as well as stacks of paper. What’s more, it actually feels like a piece of paper as it’s just 0.19 inches thick. So it’s easy to slide the reMarkable 2 in any bag. Allowing you to read books and review documents, this paper-like tablet even lets you take handwritten notes and convert them to typewritten text. Because the display both looks and feels like paper, it’s much friendlier on your eye health. Take notes directly on PDF documents, and you’ll enjoy the two-week battery life. Finally, you’ll love the Marker Plus stylus that even has a built-in eraser.

It costs 399$ and available for pre-order at

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